How Many Sessions Will I Need?

The amount of sessions needed for decluttering, organizing and tidying a space varies from person to person and space to space.

Each session is typically five hours long, which is the recommend length. Organizing is rewarding, but also physically and emotionally taxing. Five hours is enough time to see significant progress, but not too long to lead to exhaustion. You have more items than you think! As a guideline and from experience, KonMari'ing a smaller one-bedroom space or studio apartment can take between 15 to 20 hours, which equals to 3 - 4 sessions. 

You can pick between our Individual Packages based on your needs or Contact Us for a more individualized plan. 

You are the boss! You can book us to KonMari your entire space or only certain categories. Having us guide you from the beginning to the end is not mandatory, but it will be most beneficial for you, because we can make sure that all principles are applied and guarantee perfect results that will last.


Do I Need To Prepare Anything Before The Sessions?

It is not necessary to prepare anything before the sessions. During our initial one-on-one interview, we will go over your motivation to declutter and organize, as well as your vision and ideas about the final result. Before the first session, we will also ask you to fill out a quick form with a few details about your space and your expectations towards our sessions, so we can plan ahead according to your specific needs and setup.

We recommend however that you already start looking for boxes and containers in your home that we can use for storing and organizing after the decluttering part. Setting them aside will give us a good idea of how to organize your items later. 


Is Cleaning Part Of Your Service?

Cleaning is not included in our service. Our mission is to declutter and organize your space. 


What Does A Typical KonMari Session Look Like?

A typical KonMari session starts with the Certified KonMari Consultant coming to your home. The consultant will then greet your home and get familiar with the characteristics of your space.

During our Initial One-On-One Interview, we will take some time to sit together and discuss your motives and goals when it comes to your space. The Consultant will give you an overview of the KonMari Method and explain how it can benefit not only your space, but also transform your life. 

Creating a simple Vision Sheet will also be part of your first session, so we can determine what kind of life you are envisioning for yourself and how to achieve it through the KonMari Method.

Tackling the clutter and Organizing your items comes next! During this process, we will transform your home into a clutter-free, tidy and organized space that Sparks Joy! This will be done one category after the other, starting with Clothes, Books, Papers and all the way to Miscellaneous items.

The idea of the KonMari Method is to focus on everything that Sparks Joy. We will make sure that your experience will be fun, positive and exciting every step of the way! 


Will You Make Me Throw Things Away?

Whether to keep or discard an item is completely your own decision. As Marie Kondo says, "If it makes you happy, then the right choice is to keep it confidently, regardless of what anyone else says." Over time, by working through the established categories of the KonMari Method, you will develop your sensitivity to what Sparks Joy. By the end of the tidying process, you will master the skill of discerning what brings you joy and what does not - a skill that you can apply in any situation in general and that helps you create your ideal life. 


What Happens To The Items That I Choose To Discard?

We will practice gratitude when discarding things. Whether it is a scrap of paper or a box of photos, part of the KonMari process is to thank each object for its service before discarding it. My goal is to keep as much out of the landfill as possible, promoting reuse (for example through donation) and recycling as much as local resources allow. When going through a big purge, local donation pick-up services can help ease the logistical burden. A list of donation centers or pick-up services in your area is part of all of our packages. 


Where Are You Located?

For our In-Person Consulting, we are currently servicing clients in Montreal, Canada and surrounding areas. Our Workshops are offered in other Canadian cities as well. If you are not in our area, you can always take advantage of our Online Consulting Package. Get in touch to find out how we can help you get that Spark Joy Factor.

Do You Have More Questions?