“Create room to grow and live your ideal life by transforming your mental and physical space.”

Trained in NYC by Marie Kondo as the third Certified KonMari Consultant worldwide, I coach people on how to unclutter their personal and professional lives by applying the principles of the Japanese KonMari Method.

My mission is to help people create an environment that fosters personal and professional development and growth by teaching them how to remove physical and mental obstacles and achieve continuous motivation by focusing on joy.

I work with individuals who are looking for 101 coaching as well as groups, businesses and organizations, sharing this transformative and unique approach allowing people to live their ideal lives.

Holding a Ph.D. centered around the concepts of space and identity, I offer profound knowledge about the philosophy of space as well as our personal relationship to our environment. I am looking forward to sharing inspiration, practical advice and joy with you during our KonMari sessions and workshops. 

Christina is one of Marie Kondo's first Certified KonMari Consultants outside of Japan. She is the third Certified Consultant worldwide and a pioneer of the KonMari Method in Canada.