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KonMari Episode (coming Fall 2019)


Guest speaker on the “Spark Joy Podcast”

Click above to listen to the full episode


Workshopt at DevMcGill (Tak Village)

Workshop Focus: Create a joyful life with less and make room for what you love


CJAD Radio Talk

Radio talk focus: How to declutter and organize your life. Listen to the full episode above.


Cover story in Sense of Home

How to let go: tidy up your space and your life with KonMari


Conference at University of Montreal

Conference focus: Gaining clarity and finding your passion - professional & career strategies for students


Workshop at DevMcGill (Beaumont)

Workshop Focus: KonMari Method Coaching - how to create a space and life that spark joy


Talk at Gouvernment of Canada - Natural Ressources

Building a conscious and sustainable relationship to our belongings and live with less


Talk at Shopify

Workshop Focus: Turning your Office into a Power Spot for increased focus and productivity


Conference for Professional Organizers in Canada (POC)

Online Conference Focus: Introduction to the KonMari Method for Professional Organizers

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Featured article in Ton Petit Look (TPL)

How to create space in your home and your life using the KonMari Method.

Full article here