5 Tips for a Fun-Filled KonMari Journey!

Applying the KonMari Method can be extremely rewarding: It helps you sort your belonging and your life. While the whole process leads to life-changing results, it can at times feel overwhelming, especially when being confronted with the sheer amount of things we have accumulated until this point in our lives.

That’s why it is important to make your KonMari Journey the best it can be! Try out these 5 Inspiring Tips to Make your KonMari Journey even More Fun! 

1. Create a vision board

Start your journey with a vision! When you have an idea about your ideal life in mind, going through the whole process is lot easier. Sorting out what can seem like endless piles of clothing or random items feels less like chore and more like an exciting journey when you know that you are working towards a specific goal. Keep visualizing that dream of yours, your ideal lifestyle; imagine yourself being surrounded by only things you love.

The best way to do this is to create a simple vision board: you can use pictures from magazines or the internet, photos, postcards, keepsakes, quotes and buzzwords to create your unique vision board and get inspired every day.

Not a fan of crafting? Did you know that there are also numerous vision board apps that you can use on your device?  Follow this link for a list of vision board apps.

Don’t forget to take a look at your vision board once in a while during your decluttering sessions and feel the inspiration!


2. Move towards your ideal life

Moving closer to your ideal life does not only need to stand at the very end of your KonMari journey – it can already happen while you’re still in the process of KonMari’ing your space.

Dare to try something new today, pick up a new hobby that sparks joy! Even baby steps will lead you in the right direction. Do you dream of becoming more creative? Sign up for an art or photography workshop or take a trip to a nearby museum to get inspired. Is becoming fit and healthy part of our ideal life vision? Try a hot yoga class, cook a healthy recipe or pick a workout outfit that sparks joy!

Seeing the directions to where your life can lead will motivate you to finish the KonMari process with a positive and inspired mindset.


3. Reward yourself after each category

Have you finished a category? Reward yourself for it! After decluttering, sorting and organizing what can feel like countless piles of items, you deserve a treat. Why not book a manicure, spend an afternoon at the spa, or simply treat yourself to your favorite coffee in that cute coffee shop around the corner.

Giving ourselves little rewards throughout the process lets us breathe and can lead to a great sense of accomplishment and motivation, so don’t forget to spoil yourself a little bit ;)

After all, the idea is to spark joy!


4. Dress up for KonMari’ing

According to Marie Kondo, decluttering your home should be seen as a celebration! That’s why Marie likes to dress up during her consulting sessions, for example with her signature white blazers. Saying goodbye to our belongings gracefully and with style helps us to honor them and show our appreciation.

Time to get out of those pajamas and put on something that makes you feel good about yourself! Try it, have fun with it and you’ll feel the difference!


5. Share the movement!

Going through the KonMari Method can be a lot of fun in itself, but sharing your journey with others can increase your motivation even further! Lead by example and inspire your friends and family to join the movement. Share before and after pictures and take trips to donation centers together to drop off your items that you want to discard. Or join one of the many Facebook groups centered around the KonMari Method to share your experience and join the fun through posts, discussions or questions.

Organizing The World is more fun when it’s done together!

If you are applying the KonMari Method right now or are planning to – always keep in mind that the process is transformative and can lead to amazing changes in your life, so enjoy every little step of the adventure!