4 Ways In Which KonMari Changes Your Shopping Habits

Watch our shopaholics! If you are thinking about trying out the KonMari Method – get ready for some change!

Here are 4 ways in which KonMari can change your shopping habits.

1. You spend less money

A lot of people are shocked by the amount of items they end up discarding when they apply the KonMari Method in their homes. The average client discards between 5-7 bags of clothing alone. A lot of times, you can’t help but think of how much you had spent on these items, all the money lying there on the floor, ready to be discarded. You will probably ask yourself: “why did I spent so much money on this? I could have used it for something more meaningful, something that I really like.”

Most people experience what I like to call the “shopping stop caused by KonMari”: it is not unusual to completely stop shopping for some time. First of all, because we do not want to clutter our newly decluttered space with additional items. And second, because we suddenly realize that we probably never even used 50% or more of the stuff we had.

After successfully applying the KonMari Method, we are surrounded by only things we love – we don’t feel the need to add any more items to the perfect picture we created. Although people will eventually shop again, they will have saved a lot of money until then.


2. The picky shopper

Remember the times when you were in your favorite shop and piling up item after item, walking to the cash with your arms full of stuff? Once we are in the zone, it is hard to stop the shopping frenzy. We just bought this cute coat, which means we also need the matching hat and maybe a new pair of earrings to make the outfit perfect. I am sure each one of us has experienced this type of binge shopping.

While binge shopping can be extremely satisfying while we’re in the process of it, it can also leave you with a certain emptiness once you have brought all the stuff home and are taking a closer look at your haul. Trying to make space in your already overflowing closet doesn’t make it better.

KonMari will most certainly change the way you shop – you now only allow items in your home that truly spark joy and that are special to you. You are able to create a connection to each single one of your belongings. That means, there is no space for items that you only have lukewarm feelings for – you need to love it for it to stay! You will transform from shopaholic to a picky shopper.

Don’t be surprised when you see more and more people holding items in the store in their hands and doing the “Joy Check” before purchasing anything. 


3. Buying things that match your ideal life

The type and characteristics of items you purchase will change as well: your purchases will match your ideal life you are envisioning for yourself. For example, if you see yourself as aspiring entrepreneur, you will most likely find joy in fancier business attire rather than buying the third pair of sweatpants. If a fit and healthier lifestyle is part of your vision, you will most likely gravitate towards spending your money on gym clothes and accessories.

Watch your shopping habits change while you transform into the person you always wanted to be. Following your passions that might have been on the back burner until now is part of the magic that happens as a direct result of using the KonMari Method.


4. Shopping for others - giving experiences instead of things

Having been exposed to our own previously cluttered space makes us think twice whether to bring a new item into our home. A lot of times, presents given to us by others are part of the things we decide to discard, just because they never really matched our taste or character. Although your mother in law probably meant well, you just cannot seem to love that flower patterned china, no matter how hard you try. According to Marie Kondo, the moment a present is given to the recipient, it has fulfilled its purpose. It is most likely the gesture that we will keep in our hearts, not the actually present itself.

Therefore, KonMari aficionados will pick presents with care, making sure they are meaningful and have a connection to the person they are given to. They want to make sure the item will spark joy. Of course, this is not always an easy task and can sometimes fail. Of course, your friend will most likely not tell you straight that they don’t love the penguin snow globe or even worse – might display it as a centerpiece just to do you a favor, secretly wishing the cat would accidentally drop it.  

A much better way that prevents you from unknowingly cluttering your loved one’s spaces is to give experiences instead of material things. In her December newsletter, Marie Kondo emphasizes on this idea, as it reduces the amount of unwanted items in people’s homes and helps create meaningful bonds between us. This is a great concept to keep in mind, especially for the holiday season.

Try taking your friend out to their favorite outdoor activity, visit an awesome museum together, or book a short trip with your loved one - You might end up feeling richer collecting experiences instead of things…