KonMari Consultant: A Personal Trainer for Tidying!

Have you ever worked with a Personal Trainer? If you did, you know that they can make all the difference in your workout and help you get the best out of it.

Think of a KonMari Consultant as a Personal Trainer for decluttering and tidying your space!

A KonMari Consultant and a Personal Trainer have more in common than you think – their main focus is to guide you, motivate you and help you reach your goals.

The pep talk: envision your ideal life

When you work out, you start with a vision: a vision of a fitter you! A Personal Trainer will make sure to assess your current state of fitness and present you with a customized workout plan that helps you turn that vision into reality. When working with my clients, it is important that I understand the reasons for their motivation to declutter and tidy their spaces. Therefore, we take some time to talk about their ideal life they envision for themselves.

A customized plan

Just like a Personal Trainer, as KonMari Consultants, we make sure to have a specific plan for our clients, one that respects the client’s availability, timeline and desired end result. We also make sure to provide our clients with all necessary tools that are needed to succeed. Whether you will be lifting dumbbells or finding your way through a giant pile of clothing, a Personal Trainer and a KonMari Consultant will make sure that you are only handling as much as you can at any moment and don’t feel too overwhelmed. While some people can't be stopped once they have started KonMari'ing, some others might need a bit more time. Everyone has their own pace, the important thing is to not give up, so you can turn that dream of yours into reality eventually. 

The right moments for a break

A workout can be exhausting. So can decluttering! Your Personal Trainer and your KonMari Consultant both make sure to check when you may need a break. Taking breaks during sessions and for example between the different KonMari categories can refresh body and mind and re-energize, so you can focus properly on the next exercises or steps. So take a moment, put down that item and breathe! 

Ongoing motivation every step of the way

What is the difference between working out on your own/going through the KonMari process by yourself versus working with a Personal Trainer or a KonMari Consultant?  Sometimes, it is hard to motivate yourself and keep going, especially when you don’t feel like working out or decluttering. The process is a whole lot easier with someone by your side who tracks your process, provides you with the right tools and techniques for success, and generally motivates and encourages you every step of the way. This ongoing motivation can make a huge difference when it comes to the overall experience and can add to your feeling of accomplishment.

Imagine decluttering and organizing with a personal cheerleader by your side! Sticking to a workout routine is easier when working with a trainer. Embarking on your KonMari journey with the help of a Consultant will make sure that you stick to the process, keep envisioning your goals and go for it! On top of that, a good Consultant will make the experience fun and rewarding, leaving you feeling happy and proud of yourself.

The result: a better you!

Whether you’re working with a Personal Trainer on your fitness goals or embarking on your KonMari journey with the help of a KonMari Consultant, the results are the same: a better you and a better life! KonMari not only helps you getting rid of unwanted items, it changes your whole outlook on life. Your perspective to things changes and you will make wiser and more thought-through decisions moving forward when it comes to which items you surround yourself with and how to spend your time and money.

At the end of your sessions, you will feel a lot lighter and incredibly proud of yourself. This leaves me with only one more thing to say:

It’s time to lose the clutter!