The Bento Box Organizing Style For Accessories


Father's Day is the best occasion to celebrate our fathers or father-figures in our lives. In honor of this special day, we would like to say thank you and - because it is what we do - offer some neat and stylish organizing advice specifically for male accessories. 

According to Marie Kondo in Spark Joy, an Illustrated Masterclass on the Art of Tidying, we should "make accessory storage as handsome as possible" and arrange the "accessories so that the inside of the drawer looks like a showcase.

Just as accessories for women, a man's selection can contain a diversity of items, such as belts, cufflinks, sunglasses or bracelets. When working with male clients, I make sure their accessories are being nicely displayed in one spot, so that they can easily pick the perfect ones for the day while getting ready.

  • Gather all accessories in one place


  • It is important to pick a box or container that sparks joy. You don't have to go and purchase a brand new box for that purpose. The important thing is that it matches the client's character and taste. Recycling a sturdy nice-looking shoe box can work just as well. A simple box can be transformed into something that sparks joy simply by decorating it with wrapping paper.


  • In her book "Spark Joy", Marie Kondo explains:

"when storing, think about a Japanese bento box [...] packing things into a drawer operates on exactly the same principles as packing a bento box."


  • This bento box organizing style allows to see all accessories for daily use in one spot. It is not only practical, but also visually appealing. This makes picking out the right ones for the day so much easier and more uplifting. Now all dads can get ready more efficiently and joyfully.


  • The smaller compartments make it easy to put back the accessories at the end of the day, which helps to keep a perfectly tidy closet. Displaying all items visibly also allows you to see what you have, and you will be using your favorite cufflinks more often, not only on Father's Day!


But before you head out to try our this organizing method, don't forget to celebrate! 

OrganizedByChristina is wishing you a Joyful And Happy Father's Day!