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Let us be your coach and learn the KonMari Method from the start! This package is great for individuals who would like to tackle the first categories with the help of a KonMari consultant and receive overall coaching in the method. During our 101 in-home session, we will explain to you the basics of the KonMari Method, teach you the KonMari folding and organizing techniques and declutter, organize and tidy the first categories with you (starting with clothes and moving on depending on how much time we have left after 5 hours). This package will allow you to move ahead with the remaining categories on your own, using the knowledge gained during our sessions. 

This package comes with 2 follow-up guidance calls in which we answer your questions that may come up during the sessions that you complete on your own, and offer additional tips based on your unique situation. It also comes with a 2 hour follow-up visit either during or after you have finished all categories. During this follow-up visit, we will offer further advice on sections or items you were unsure of and help you perfectionize the final result.  You will also receive a printed workbook listing all KonMari categories and items to declutter, which will allow you to follow everything in the right order, add notes & comments and track and reflect on your KonMari progress throughout your own tidying festival.

This package includes:

5 hour coaching session

KonMari categories & progress checklist

2 follow-up calls (30 min each)

2 hour follow-up visit