"Fun and rewarding!"

I thought this was just about tidying up - I was so wrong! This is much more, and it has literally been a life-changing experience! Christina made the whole thing easy and enjoyable from start to finish. Who would have thought being organized could be so much fun?

— Director, 41


"A liberating experience"

I feel I can breathe again…the decluttering process was a beautiful experience and Christina's natural sense of order and her compassionate approach made the process so much easier. I highly recommend to approach the decluttering process with her by your side. 

— Project Manager, 37


"I couldn’t have done this without Christina"

It all starts with the right mindset. This is where I’ve made my life much more difficult before than it should have been. It was real aha-moment for me to understand that every thing in our life has a purpose and that some of the things we keep carrying with us have already fulfilled theirs.

Seeing my closet nice and tidy, filled with things that make me feel better was great. But what I would never have anticipated was the freedom I experienced in my thinking. The space I had created in my closet extended to my thoughts as well. Less things occupied my mind and I could focus so much better on what I wanted to do.

— Marketing Professional, 30


"Now, there is no more stopping me"

I am already looking forward to our next session. And I wholeheartedly recommend Christina’s services to anyone who wants to create space in their lives for the things they really want. It’s the easiest way of letting go of things that hold us back without noticing.

— Photographer, 29


"Expérience magique"

Christina m'a aidée à voir les choses autrement et à organiser ma maison, qui en avait bien besoin depuis que nous y avons emménagé. Ce qui est fascinant avec sa méthode (Marie Kondo), c'est que plusieurs mois plus tard, les espaces qui ont été organisés sont restés tels quels! Chaque objet a sa place. Merci Christina pour cette expérience magique, et pour tous les conseils et tous les rires!!

— Translation Professional and mother of a toddler