How do you feel when opening your closet, cupboard and drawers? If the answer is not "It Sparks Joy", then it is time to embark on a KonMari Journey!

When your space is cluttered, it can equally affect your mind. Discarding items that do not spark joy can transform into a liberating experience, freeing up much needed headspace. Think simplifying!A cluttered space creates a cluttered mind. Clutter can come in all forms and sizes - from a closet almost bursting from the sheer amount of clothes, piles of books, pantries and cupboards filled with household items and drawers overflowing with miscellaneous objects. It doesn't matter how big or small your home is, we all tend to hold on to things that take up too much space - space we could free up and use more wisely.

Our workshop will help you tackle the clutter in your home using the KonMari Method™, so you can enjoy a clutter-free, positive and inspirational environment. We will teach you how to focus on only keeping items that truly Spark Joy. One category and item at a time.



Do you have trouble keeping your space tidy and organized? You might be missing the right system! Our workshops will teach you how to create an organizing system that is sustainable and easy to follow.

An organized space is a beautiful space. With each item being sorted beautifully and with its own place, your space will never go back to being cluttered.

We will help you make the most out of your space by sharing KonMari’s smart, practical and beautiful organizing tips & tricks with you. All of your belongings will be neatly organized and stored. Everything will have its own place.


Spark Joy

With KonMari, the true magic happens after applying the method.

With our help, you will have created a tidy, simplified and organized space. But the KonMari method is more than that. It has the potential to transform your life in the very same way. With your newly gained clarity, you finally have the energy and free time to dive into those projects or adventures you always wanted to do and that spark your true passion!

Embarking on the KonMari Journey with us will not only transform your space but also your life! The final result will be a decluttered, organized and tidy home and mind that Spark Joy every day of your life!